Triads were formed through a partnership of the National Sheriff’s Association, National Chiefs of Police Association and AARP. These organizations recognized the increasing incidents of crime against our senior citizens and banded together to form an organization whose purpose was to protect our seniors from fraud, and various crimes which occur in many forms.  The Penobscot County Triad Coalition was formed in 1999 and is represented by Eastern Area Agency on Aging, local senior providers and local police, sheriff and fire departments. We are a 501-3-c non-profit organization. Throughout the year, the Penobscot County Triad Coalition hosts various events and programs designed to promote senior safety:

911 house numbering project
Unused pharmaceutical collections
File of Life
Senior fraud and safety conferences
Public Safety/Senior Appreciation Day

Meetings are held monthly at Eastern Aging on Aging 450 Essex Street in Bangor from 1000 a.m. until 1130 a.m. the second Thursday of the month. All members of the public are invited to join and attend.

For more information about Triad or Triad projects please call Sheriff Troy Morton at 942-7748 or e-mail him at

Seniors are the fastest growing segment of our population. Due to their increasing numbers, and their likely trusting nature; there are those that will attempt to exploit them and that quality.  Triad educates seniors on topics such as:

Telemarketing fraud
Credit card and financial fraud
Charity fraud
Home repair fraud
Computer and mail fraud
Home safety and a variety of other topics                      

Please join our public safety personnel and senior service providers as we watch over those that have watched over us.

911- House Numbering