Maine Pretrial

Maine Pretrial Services, Inc. (MPS), is a private non-profit agency committed to providing pretrial services, post conviction alternatives, and diversion options throughout the State of Maine.

For information on programs offered by Maine Pretrial Services please visit the Programs page on our website or contact us as (207) 945-4930.

Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP)


  • April 13-15, 2 days Friday @ 5PM RSU 64 Corinth High School, Corinth - Penobscot
  • April 20-27, 2-7 days Friday @ 4PM at Wavus Camps, Jefferson - District 6*
  • April 27-May 4, 2-7 days @ 4PM at Camp Roosevelt, Eddington - Penobscot
  • June 22-24, 2 days Friday @ 5PM at Hampden Academy, Hampden - Penobscot

*District 6 includes Waldo, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc Counties. All programs are open to defendants in any Maine county.

The Alternative Sentencing is a Restorative Justice/Jail Diversion program where non-violent, sentenced offenders serve the equivalent of their sentence at a safe, non-jail location. Inmates stay on-site and perform 7-8 hours of community service per day and attend 2-3 hours of education each night.

Offenders sentenced to 3 days will attend the First Offender program for a total of 48 hours. All other offenders will attend the Second Offender program for 7 days. Offenders must be sentenced to 14 days or less to qualify for the program and be approved for participation.

Offenders bring their own bedding, clothing, and personal care items. Beds and food are provided. All program sites are heated, with hot water and approved kitchens.

Penobscot County Alternative Sentencing Program Rules

  1. You may not leave your assigned area without permission from staff.
  2. No smoking, except in outside areas with staff supervision. 48 Hour only programs have NO SMOKING ALLOWED.
  3. No possession of contraband i.e. alcohol/weapons/drugs/pornography
  4. You must report for all head counts.
  5. You must not interfere during head counts.
  6. You may not refuse to follow reasonable directives from staff.
  7. You must take your medications only as they are prescribed.
  8. You must be respectful to all staff, educators, and other participants.
  9. You must attend all scheduled education.
  10. You must participate in daily community service.
  11. You must shower at least once daily.
  12. You may not enter opposite gendered sleeping areas.
  13. You may not enter the kitchen area without permission from staff.
  14. You may not attempt to exercise control over another participant or staff.
  15. No touching, hugging, or other physical contact between participants, with the exception of handshakes.
  16. Phone calls will be made during free time only. Phones will be held by staff in a lock-box until phone time.
  17. Lights on and wake up are at 6:00 AM.
  18. Lights out is at 10:30 PM

Any infraction of the above rules could result in being returned to the county jail in the county I was sentenced. I also understand that I may be required to fulfill the entire sentence I was given, absent the good time allowed for ASP participation if I am returned to jail.

 If I become ill or injured during the service of a sentence through the Alternative Sentencing Program, I may be responsible for medical expenses incurred.

 In the event of an emergency, I authorize Maine Pretrial, or their representative, to contact an emergency contact person of my choice.

Alternative Sentencing Programs

  • Community Confinement Monitoring
    • 17$ Per Day (2017)
    • Fee reduction considered on a case-by-case  basis

  • Alternative Sentencing Programs
    • Weekend $300 (2017)
    • Week-long $500 (2017)

Contact Information:

Maine Pretrial Services, Inc.

Attn: Alternative Sentencing Program

9 Green Street, Suite 3A

Augusta, Maine 04330

Tel: 207-615-9105

Fax: 207-623-7733