Inmates must make an initial court appearance or be sentenced to more than 48 hours to be eligible for commissary/checks. Inmate money will be placed in their account and will be made available through voucher to purchase items at commissary. Money orders will be deposited directly into the account. Personal checks will be placed in the inmates’ property box to pick up upon release.

Friends and family may bring money to the lobby to deposit in an inmate’s account. On cash is accepted. Money orders must come through the U.S. Mail. A member may only put money on one inmates’ account. If a member is a visitor then money can only be placed on the account of the inmate being visited.

Inmates requesting to have the balance of their account available upon their release must submit the request, in writing, two (2) business days prior to their release.  Upon release, an inmate’s account balance will be available at 1 p.m. the next business day. Inmates requesting to have the balance of their account mailed, must submit in writing, a request stating their correct mailing address.  All other account balance checks will be held by the jail clerical staff and can be picked up during office business hours.  If for any reason a stop payment is placed on a check, a fee of $ 15.00 will be charged.  Checks will be mailed to other facilities the next business day upon the inmate’s transfer, i.e. MCC, MSP and other County Jails. Checks will not be available when inmates are transported.  All account balances will be in check form.  Monies brought in for inmates prior to 8 a.m. will be placed in the inmate’s account on that day.  Funds may not be transferred from one inmate’s account to another inmate’s account.  Checks drawn from one inmate account made payable to another inmate, another inmate’s family member or another inmate’s visitor(s) are not allowed.  Funds may not be deposited into an inmate’s account that was received from another inmate, another inmate’s family member or another inmate’s visitor(s). Inmates housed at the Penobscot County Jail are not allowed to drop off money for any inmates for a period of 30 days following release.


Non-contact visiting at the Penobscot County Jail is held four (4) evenings per week.  This privilege is provided because it is important that inmates maintain ties with family and friends. Inmates must be incarcerated for four (4) days in the Penobscot County Jail before they are eligible for a visit. It is the inmate’s responsibility to communicate information regarding visits to their (potential) visitors.  Policies F-150 / F-154 / F-151 / F-155 / F-210;.

An inmate incarcerated in the Penobscot County Jail (minimum four (4) days), who is transferred to another facility (without break in custody) and then returned to the Penobscot County Jail within thirty (30) days, is eligible for visits.  Inmates being admitted directly from another correctional facility must complete the four (4) day waiting period.  Inmates sentenced to the Penobscot County Jail are not allowed to visit for a period of one (1) year following release.   Inmates housed at the Penobscot County Jail, but not sentenced, are not allowed to visit for a period of ninety (90) days following release.  Inmates housed at the Penobscot County Jail are not allowed to drop off money for any inmates for a period of 30 days following release.

All non-contact visitation will be pre-approved and set up by appointment only on a first come first serve basis.  Inmates will provide a list of no more than eight (8) potential visitors for all visitations.  The inmate must mail to their potential visitors, a Private Visitor Solicitation Form.  All potential visitors must mail in the completed Private Visitor Solicitation form along with a copy of a photo ID such as a license or state ID, for children a copy of a birth certificate. The form must be mailed to:  PENOBSCOT COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE 85 HAMMOND ST. BANGOR, ME. 04401; ATTN; PROGRAMS DIVISION.  The inmate will be notified of persons approved for non-contact visits.  Inmates can update their visitation lists every 30 days.  Information about persons approved for visitation will NOT be given out over the phone. For each visiting day an accumulative list for non-contact visits will be put together by the lobby clerical specialist.  The lobby clerical specialist will have in their possession the approved visiting list and will deny any visitor access that has not been pre-approved.  There will only be ten (10) inmates allowed at a time for non-contact visits and no more than two (2) visitors per inmate.  Children under five (5) years of age that can be placed on a visitors lap will not be considered as part of the two (2) visitors. In order to set up each visit, visitors must call; 207-945-4932 and ask for the lobby clerical specialist. If room is not available during the normal two (2) visiting sessions, (1830-1930 & 1930-2030) then a 3rd or even 4th session will be set up by the lobby clerical specialist.  The following days and times have been designated for setting up each visitation day. 

1)  Tuesday; visitors must call on Monday between the hours of 1230 and 1530 hours;*
2)  Thursday; visitors must call on Wednesday between the hours of 1230 and 1530 hours;*
3)  Saturday; visitors must call on Thursday between the hours of 1230 and 1530 hours;*
4)  Sunday; visitors must call on Friday between the hours of 1230 and 1530 hours.*

Anyone  under  eighteen  (18)  years  of  age  shall  be  accompanied  by  his  or  her  parent,  legal  guardian  or properly authorized escort**. Only biological or adopted children can be approved for non-contact visits.  Emancipated juveniles between   fourteen   (14)   and   eighteen   (18)   will   be   permitted   non-contact visits,   only   after   proper   approval.  Unaccompanied juveniles between fourteen (14) and eighteen (18), who have written permission from their parents or legal guardians, will only be allowed non-contact visits with an incarcerated parent, after proper approval.** (For the purpose of this paragraph, properly authorized escort means with written permission from parent(s) or legal guardian).

It is the responsibility of the inmate who wants visits, to mail potential visitors the Private Visitor Solicitation Form.   The inmate must complete the form as to inmate’s name and ID# prior to mailing.  Programs will notify the inmate of whether or not the person has been approved for non-contact visitation. 

Forms for non-contact and juvenile visits may be obtained from the Housing Officers.

Non-contact visits are conducted on Sunday (last name M-Z), Tuesday (last name A-L), Thursday (last name M-Z) and Saturday (last name A - L) evenings.  Visitation times are posted in the visitation area.  Visits will be no more than sixty (60) minutes in length.  Visitors must sign in no earlier than fifteen (15) minutes prior to the beginning of the visitation session.  A picture ID will be required when signing in for a visit.  Once the visitation session starts, additional visitors will not be admitted.  Inmates are limited to participating in one (1) visit session per night.


Non-Contact (as space allows):
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
First Session – Minimum, Medium, Maximum & Protective Custody, excluding Kitchen Inmate Helpers
Second Session - Minimum, Medium, Maximum & Protective Custody

Inmates who are subject to disciplinary sanction and/or administrative segregation will be restricted to (2) two hours of non-contact visits per week.

NON-CONTACT VISIT:   Jail personnel will not allow more than two (2) visitors to visit with an inmate at any given time during a scheduled visit.

It is a violation of jail regulations to pass any item to an inmate during visitation. Such items are considered contraband. The  visitor  and  inmate  shall  be  subject  to search,  and  the  visitor  may  be  arrested  and  will  lose  all  future  visitation privileges.  Visitors will not be allowed to loiter on county property any time prior to the visitation session.  If caught loitering on county property prior to the visit, the visitor will be asked to leave the property and will not be allowed to visit with any inmate at PCJ for thirty (30) days. Repeated violations of loitering will result in progressive loss of visiting privileges with any inmate.  Policy F-154.

Inmates maybe subject to a pat and/or strip search after a visit with family and friends. Policy F-150

Inmates are not authorized to bring anything from the housing unit to the visitation area.  Anything brought down from the housing unit may be confiscated and destroyed and the inmate may be subject to disciplinary action.  All inmates will be patted down when leaving their housing units for any reason.

SPECIAL VISITS: the Jail Administrator or designee may approve special visits.  Policy F-154

PROFESSIONAL VISITS:  Professional Attorney/Legal/Clergy visits may be conducted as listed below, excluding meal times and formal head counts, as space allows;
a) Monday, Wednesday, Friday;
         1300-1630 (Depending on video arraignments/lawyer of the day usage of rooms)
b) Tuesday, Thursday,Saturday,Sunday i) 0830-1015
c) If a holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday would be video court day. Additionally, these times do not account for unforeseen circumstances, or other programming which may limit space available.  Policy F-152