The Detective Division is the advanced investigative arm of the agency. While all patrol deputies are expected to conduct complete and thorough investigations in all incidents to which they have responded, too many cases require a significant time commitment or additional expertise. All detectives have previously been patrol officers and after 5 years of full-time law enforcement service, they are eligible for assignment into the investigative division. Currently there are 5 full-time detectives in the agency. Each detective has a specialty, and while any detective may be assigned to any case, they each have primary oversight of cases involving their specialty, such as drug investigator, property crimes investigator, sex crimes investigator, or domestic violence investigator. These detectives have oversight to all cases involving the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime, and major drug crimes. One detective has primary responsibility regarding the sex offender notification laws and investigations. An additional investigator is shared between the District Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office.

Equipment: The detective division has at its disposal up-to-date equipment to aid them in their investigations. Investigators also have at their disposal a crime scene van, digital cameras, surveillance equipment, and forensic equipment. A small in-house lab is utilized to process evidence and is assigned to the Identification Division.

Sex Offender Registration: The sex crimes investigator is responsible for handling not only child abuse and sex crimes investigations, but also has the additional responsibility of overseeing the department's responsibility to the community notification process when a sex offender moves into our jurisdiction. A copy of our sex offender notification policy is available upon request.

A current list of registered sex offenders may be found at:

For any other town's sex offender information, you must contact the local police department or review the above web page maintained by the Maine Department of Public Safety. The Sheriff’s Office is available to send representatives to any community, upon the request of the town government, to hold a town informational meeting regarding the identity of known sex offenders and the evaluated risk they pose to the community.