The Correctional Division is the largest division of the Sheriff’s Office, employing two-thirds of the work force of the agency. The state rated capacity of the Penobscot County Jail is 157 inmates, and since 2000, the facility has been within contingency status due to overcrowding. Inmates are being housed at various other county jails from York County to Aroostook County. The jail houses both male and female adult prisoners with classifications ranging from minimum to medium to maximum status. Juveniles are booked at the our facility but are conditionally to a parent under authority of Probation and Parole, or are taken to Mountain View Juvenile Correctional Facility in Charleston. Each county is responsible for housing pretrial detainees and sentenced inmates who have a felony sentence of nine months or less or  misdemeanor convictions of 364 days or less. State prisons house sentenced inmates with a sentence greater that the above. The Penobscot County Jail books approximately 5200 inmates a year. Due to overcrowding, inmates may be boarded out at any jail facility within the State. Due to security reasons, no advance notice is given. Our facility operates an inmate HUB transportation system, moving inmates for this and other facilities to  common destinations.

 Inmate Intake/Booking Process, Court Appearances Vs Video Arraignments

Upon admission , inmates are given an inmate rule book that defines the operations of the jail and their own personal responsibilities. We have attached the rule book below. Almost any question regarding incarceration in the jail can be found within this booklet.

Inmate Rules and Regulations

"Current Inmate List" are accurate as of the date and time indicated in the link below, inmates admitted or released after the time and date listed below will not be included or subtracted from the list provided. Current Inmate List are updated each weekday Mon-Fri. Inmates listed below are in the custody of the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office but may not be housed in the Penobscot County Jail, they may be housed in any other county jail or state facility depending on crowding conditions and bed availability. 

Effective March 28, 2016, the Penobscot County Jail will move to an Automated Information System (AIS) managed by SECURUS Tech. The new telephone number will be (207) 922-3898. This number will be used by the public/friends/family to obtain information concerning individuals in the inmate population.   For instance, questions concerning, criminal charges, bail issues, and projected release dates may be answered using this system.

Boarding of Inmates in other Facilities

Due to overcrowding and pursuant to State Law, the Penobscot County Jail must remain within its rated population capacity. Whenever this capacity is exceeded, jail officials are required to house inmates in other facilities across the state that has available bed space. This is an inconvenience for the inmate and family but a necessary function of the jail as we regularly have to move inmates for this reason. Unfortunately, inmates are being housed in facilities as far away as York, Cumberland, Two Bridges in Wiscasset and Somerset County. We apologize that for security reasons we are unable to notify inmate or family in advance.Type your paragraph here.