Program Division- Inmates who have been of good behavior and have met certain criteria have opportunities to participate in inmate work crews, work release, inmate helper programs, and in-house programs. During the past decade, inmates have provided over one-quarter million dollars worth of labor to non-profit agencies in projects, such as cemetery clean up, brush cutting, painting, roadside cleanup, and more. Inmates have helped restore buildings, such as the Curran Homestead, the Bangor Historical Society, Eastern Area Agency on Aging, Boy Scouts of America ( Camp Roosevelt ), libraries, schools, and fire departments.. 

The Education Program currently makes roadside signs at reduced rates to help communities mark their roads in compliance with the 911 standards. For more information about our 911 signs, please go to our TRIAD page.

The Penobscot County Jail was the recipient of the Governors service Award Recognizing thousands of hours of inmate labor to the community. Since 1989 the jail has completed an alternative OUI program where inmates paint and clean schools for reduced sentences. Over 2500 inmates have participate in this program yielding over $316,668.00 savings to the community.

The sheriff has two inmate work crews that provide free labor to municipalities and non-profit agencies in Penobscot County. In addition inmate helpers work in the jail providing for cleaning, sewing laundry, etc. Combined, these programs resulted in over 71,000 hours of free labor to the taxpayer. Requests by municipalities and non-profit agencies can be directed to Programs Supervisor-Sgt. Laura Lebreton 947-4585. This schedule fills quickly.