In an emergency situation can emergency medical services or law enforcement quickly find your home?
  If not, please consider purchasing a sign/post which displays your home address in four inch reflective numbers.  Today, as a result of new enhanced 911 telephone features, a dispatcher can identify the specific street address and caller from a 911 call even if no one is able to provide that information. Unfortunately, valuable minutes may be lost in response time by police, fire and ambulance, because of difficulty finding improperly or non-existent numbering at the victim’s residence.

The Town of (Your Town) is partnering with the Penobscot County Triad in

What better gift can we give our parents or ourselves than this critical life saving home identification?  If due to a disability or other reason, you will experience difficulty in installing the sign, please make the Town Office aware.  A firefighter or public safety official will be glad to assist you.

Sponsored By

Town of (YOUR TOWN) and the

Penobscot County Area Triad

In Partnership with the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office

And the Penobscot County Jail Work Program

Many towns in Penobscot County participate in this project. Please check with your town office or send inquiry to tmorton@penobscot-sheriff.net